Saturday, 8 May 2010

Going live

Josh came to me with the idea of video based personal training workouts for on demand purposes in early 2009. I liked what he had to say and asked if I wanted to be involved. I would like to think I am very open to new ideas and opportunities and I think this was one of the reasons why Josh asked me. I didn't hesitate much and I came on board.

We went about trying to decide what to call the company and soon came up with the idea of PT On Demand, which just seemed to stick. We are now a registered company called PT On-Demand Ltd.

We had plans that we needed to produce the workout videos, the website, set up as a company, set up a bank account, look for an accountant etc all things that were completely alien to the both of us. Also we had to find the funds to put this altogether. We have both funded it from our own pockets, which to me, shows we have belief in our product.

We went about having the website designed by a professional website design company. We really liked their work and could see they could do the same with us. We have been thoroughly pleased with the design of the site. People have said it is fresh, attractive, easy to read and know exactly what we are selling.

The next thing we needed to do was to build the site. We anticipated that this would be an easier job than it actually was and showed mine and Josh's ignorance to the world of website developing. We came across many problems with developing the site, which made it frustrating as we thought that we would be up and running in September/October 2009, reality took hold and we launched the website in May 2010, a year after we started design and development. We are very pleased though with the site as it is very easy to navigate. A testament to the design and the development of the site.

As the site was being developed, we started to produce the 6 workout videos for our first series. We used friends to film and edit the material. We used a local school gym and it sports facilities as our location. The filming took 3 days to do.

I undertook most of the directing, a first for me, while Josh was the exercise bitch. As the personal trainer on the videos, I had it easy telling Josh what to do while wearing my aviator sun glasses. Josh got his own back by consuming a Macky D's for lunch and then falling into a sugar coma for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't happy haha.

Once the filming was done, we moved onto the editing process. I used a friend again who is excellent at what he does. I am so pleased with the final editing. It didn't come without spending time on it though, 120 hours or something along those lines. This was great though, as it was really good to see the videos taking shape. We also edited 12 shorter teaser videos, which are going up on TiVo in the USA and which you can find on our youtube account,

I am overall very pleased with how things have turned out, we have a live website, selling a legitimate product, which works. I wish it had been up and running earlier, although I can say it has been a massive learning experience for both Josh and myself. It is like one chapter finishing and a new one starting as we are now on the map, we just have to show people how to find us.

Marketing and advertising is, like starting a company, completely new to myself and Josh and I look forward to learning more and see our business grow. I will update you when things are moving onwards and upwards.


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